DoxicomGlobal Featured In National Article

National recycling company and The Neely Agency’s newest client, DoxicomGlobal, had the honor of being featured in a recent article from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. The feature was a part of their “Waste to Wealth” series where they highlight companies and organizations that make an effort to transform waste into resources.

Founded in 2007 by Sidney Wilson, Jr., DoxicomGlobal is a waste stream management program that is committed to reducing landfill waste, educating businesses and communities on recycling opportunities, and providing a professional recycling resource for the global community.

Due to specializing in finding markets for hard to recycle materials and traditional materials such as cardboard, office paper, 1-7 plastics and film plastic including shrink-wrap, DoxiCom Global is considered the “Sherlock Holmes of recycling.”

Their GreenGooRoo stamp of approval symbolizes DoxicomGlobal and its clients as the leaders in recycling all things green.

To read the entire article, visit

For more information about DoxicomGlobal, visit


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